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club road rides- all club road rides are currently cancelled in light of government guidelines until further notice


These rides are suitable for those who wish to race or maintain a high standard of fitness, and often joined by other local cyclists. Riders are expected to be able to ride in a group situation safely, show courtesy to other road users - including motorists and horse riders - and to stop for any rider who suffers a puncture or mechanical issues.


SUNDAYS: Setting off at 9.30am from the Wychbury Inn, Hagley, usually with a cafe stop.


Average Speed: 18 - 20+ mph.

Average Distance: 60 - 75 miles.


Ride leaders

Andrew Lloydlangston (Pic)

These rides are for those of a more moderate ability, open to all ages, and a good building block for younger riders moving up into the higher youth categories. Riders are expected to be able to fix their own punctures and ride in a group safely without causing problems for other riders or motorists on the roads.
SATURDAYS: Starts from the club at 9.00am and usually will not have a cafe stop. This ride will wait for the slower riders.
Average Speed: 15 - 17 mph. 
Average Distance: 40 - 55 miles.
SUNDAYS: Starts from the Wychbury Inn at 9.00am and will sometimes have a cafe stop. This ride will wait for the slower riders.
Average Speed: 15 - 17 mph.
Average Distance: 40 - 55 miles.
Ride leaders
Ronan Finch
Steve Dymock
This is a ride mainly for beginners and younger riders around 12 years old. For younger riders, a parent would be expected to ride with them if possible. The ride has group leaders who will organise routes and maintain a steady pace so the group stays together.
SUNDAYS: The ride leaves the club at 9.45am and will have a cafe stop at about half way. The ride aims to get back to the club for around 1pm.
Average Speed: 12 - 15 mph.
Average Distance: 20 - 35 miles.
Ride leaders
Stacey Hubble
Andy Burns

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