Winter Coaching 2022

Sessions are subject to availability and prevailing weather/ track conditions.

All training sessions are shown in our club calendar each week - below.  

Please check our twitter feed/website for updates each week should the sessions be cancelled due to poor weather conditions. 

Helmet and Gloves are mandatory for each session 
Road bike sessions
Mondays 7pm
Intermediate/Advanced (ages 12+ to adult)
Wednesdays 7pm - CX sessions (CX/MTB bikes only)
Thursdays 7pm
Novice upwards (ages 10+ to adult)
Sundays 10.30am
Freewheelers (9 -14 yrs old)
Track bike fixed wheel sessions
Tuesdays 7pm
Intermediate/Advanced (ages 14+ to adult)
No visible cycle computers allowed. Cycling gloves and two layers (top half of body) and helmet (CE Certified) are compulsory. Please wear leggings and arm warmers if temperature is forecast below 14C.
Please do not be late for sessions as it is imperative that you join the warm up. You may be asked to warm up on rollers if you are late/not be able to participate.

Coaches may refuse track entrance if bikes are deemed unsafe.

Fixed wheel Track bikes are available to hire from the coach at £3 per session (£5 for non-members). Pedals can be changed should you wish to bring your own pedals & shoes. The standard pedals have cage which will only accommodate flat soled shoes/trainers.

General Age restrictions are for guidance and are at the discretion of the coach based upon ability. If in any doubt then please check with the coach beforehand to avoid disappointment. 
Fixed Wheel Novice  -  for those who have never ridden fixed wheel bikes - required to attend various structured accreditation sessions to progress through to Intermediate training
Fixed Wheel Intermediate - for those who have attended multiple novice sessions/intermediate who wish to race/currently race at track league/events 
Fixed Wheel Advanced - age 14 +- for experienced riders who have attended multiple intermediate/advanced sessions who have raced in track league/events
Road Novice/Intermediate - age 9 +- for those confident on road bikes who wish to learn further skills and group riding
Road Intermediate/Advanced - age 12 +- for those confident on road bikes who wish to learn further skills/group riding/improve endurance

Finally - Please remember that all coaches are volunteers.