Summer Coaching 2021 has now finished for 2021 - a new Summer programme will recommence March/April 2022

All Sessions are subject to availability and prevailing weather/ track conditions.

Please check our twitter feed for updates. 


Winter Programme


7pm to 8:30pm 

None coached road bike session​/indoor rollers dependant on weather in clubhouse



The following group sizes apply to the track fixed wheel sessions where one qualified L2 track coach is present:
• a minimum of one rider in a session
• a maximum of 16 novice riders
• a maximum of 20 experienced riders

Where two or more track coaches are delivering a session:
• a maximum group size of 30 riders participating in an activity is permitted.
This refers to riders actually riding the track at any one time and on the track/immediate trackside safety area
For outdoor 400m/500m tracks where two or more track coaches are delivering a session:
• a maximum of 2 groups of 25 experienced riders per group participating in 2 separate activities.
Basic Level 2 coaches (ie road bike sessions) must operate within the following group sizes:
• a minimum of three riders in a session
• a maximum of 20 riders in a session
The maximum group size must not exceed 20 riders, even if there is more than one Level 2 coach present.
Multiple groups, each with their own coach can share facility usage dependent on the risk assessment outcomes and coaching area size.
Road bikes – Bikes in good clean road worthy condition with brakes and gears
Track bikes – Fixed wheel track bikes only
Cyclo-cross or mountain bikes are required for Cyclo-cross sessions
The maximum rider number per coach for advanced sessions is 20 and 15 for novice sessions on the track. Please therefore try to attend the right session for you, avoiding multiple sessions. (We have over 175 club members to potentially accommodate).
Important - No visible cycle computers allowed. Cycling gloves and two layers (top half of body) and helmet (CE Certified) are compulsory. Please wear leggings and arm warmers if temperature is forecast below 14C. Please try to avoid being late for sessions as it is imperative that you join the warm up. You may be asked to warm up on rollers if you are late.

All bikes must be clean and in good working order. Coaches may refuse track entrance if bikes are deemed unsafe.

Fixed wheel Track bikes are available to hire from the coach at £3 per session (£5 for non-members). Note - Pedals cannot be changed. The pedals will only accommodate flat soled shoes/trainers.

Note - General Age restrictions are for guidance and are at the discretion of the coach based upon ability. If in any doubt then please check with the coach beforehand to avoid disappointment.

Finally - Please remember that all coaches are volunteers.