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HCC youngster success in 2017

Halesowen have long been known for producing a succession of strong cyclists who go on to success on the road, often competing and winning at National and even Olympic level. Recently a new wave of junior riders are beginning to make their mark on the Midland and National scene with the potential for further success. Halesowen were the worthy winners of the West Midlands Circuit Event – a series of hotly contested closed circuit races around the Midlands over the summer culminating in a final victory at Tudor Grange in Solihull. Many of these riders have also competed at National level with standout performances from Jamieson Blain, Simon Wylie, Alex Barker, Josh Field, Luke & Ella Harris to name a few.

Jamieson Blain, ex schoolboy champion featured prominently in National events with Simon Wylie particularly strong in cyclo cross – an off road race demanding strong technical skills especially as the winter progresses and courses get muddy. Alex Barker won an international tournament in Holland for the second year running where the siblings Ella and Luke also featured strongly.

Part of the success of the club is the strong camaraderie demonstrated at all levels. The enthusiasm is there for all types of cycling, from the social side, through to track racing in which the UK has had so much Olympic success and road racing where Matt Clarke of the club took an individual second in the summer Regional road race series. Coaching is a regular feature for all riders who look to improve both speed and skill. A recent initiative is the introduction of a ladies session at the club on Saturday morning. Initially started by some of the mums with children who are part of the club the group is growing in numbers and has expanded to now include a Sunday road ride.. The coached track sessions provide advice and practice away from the road for those new to the sport. The Sunday rides are designed to be at a sensible pace that allows for exploration of the lanes west of Halesowen, a balanced level of good exercise, and sometimes a stop for coffee, cakes and a catch up.

Away from the road the season is now moving into the winter cyclo cross series where the club has strong representation. Already the junior team has notched up some individual wins with Simon Wylie taking the honours in the first two races of the season. The races are run weekly and being off road (generally held in parks) provide a great and supportive environment for the young to learn with some racing as early as 5 years old. A particular feature of cyclo cross is the level of support for all riders – from the beginners through to the experienced. The races go through until late December / early January before the thoughts turn back to the road once again and the promise of the annual training camp in Spain.

The Trophy winning HCC kids in photo are: Tom Gabbor, Isla Blain, Oscar Laight, Jamieson Blain, Jonathon Cull, Henry Lloydlangston, Josh Field, Lorna Sharples, Ellie Swingell, Thomas Charles, George Lewis, Ella Harris, Luke Harris, Rose Harris, Billy Laight.

Others that added to the points tally but not on photo are Tomas Pattinson, Alex Barker, Simon Wyllie, Joseph and Tom Brookes, Ryan Brooks, Will Lewis, Dan and Tom Hutchinson, Danielle Barker and Luke Mannings.

Youth Boys in other photo are Jamieson Blain, Henry Lloydlangston, Jonathon Cull and Josh Field.

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