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Introducing Mapei

We are proud to announce Mapei as sponsor for the Club.

The sponsorship by Mapei of the Cycling Section of Halesowen HACC is a huge vote of confidence in our club which will see the iconic tiled squares design of one of cycling’s most legendary teams figuring on the purple kit

The generous sponsorship will help to support the Academy as well as benefit the section as a whole.

The Mapei professional cycling team of the 1990s became the greatest team in the world.

“This is a total game changer for the Halesowen cycling club, with support from a huge cycling name who have a UK base close to the velodrome where we develop our young riders,” said the HACC chair David Viner. “We would like to thank Mapei for this support. We have a long and proud history of developing talented young cyclists and this new backing will enable us to develop the club on a sustainable basis for the future.”

“Cycling has long been part of MAPEI’s DNA” commented Phil Breakspear, Managing Director of Mapei UK Ltd “and to be able to support the sport at a local level within our community is a natural investment for us.”

On behalf of all members I would like to extend our thanks and warm welcome to Mapei.

Dave Viner, chair.

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