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Spring/Summer Coaching Sessions

Summer Coaching 2022 - date to be announced

All Sessions are subject to availability and prevailing weather/ track conditions. Please check our twitter feed for updates. Monday 7pm-8:00pm ROAD BIKES (Intermediate) training session. Age 12 upwards

Tuesday 7.00pm to 8:30pm FIXED WHEEL TRACK BIKES (Advanced and Intermediate) coached session - age 14 upwards

Wednesday 7:00pm to 8.30pm NOVICE/INTERMEDIATE Fixed Track Bikes (age 10 upwards) TRACK LEAGUE ACCREDITATION FOR THOSE WANTING RIDE FNTL ​Thursday 7.00pm - 8.30pm ROAD BIKES (novice/intermediate). Age 8 upwards

Friday - No sessions (Friday Night Track League)


2pm - 3.30pm

FREEWHEELER CUBS - for Cubs members only - ages 4-8 Must be able to ride bike without stabilisers. Own bike & helmet required


FIXED WHEEL TRACK BIKES (for ages 8+ including adults) (accreditation for FNTL also available if unable to make Wednesdays)

Sunday 10:00am to 11:30am Freewheeler road bike - Ages 8 to 14 MUST USE ROAD BIKES WITH GEARS AND BRAKES

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